DALL·E 2's impression of epic dystopian mullet

Legendary Mullet Haircuts

Definition of the mullet hairstyle: a business meeting in the front and a party in the back.

It’s like having a mohawk without the commitment, or a ponytail without the pony. Mullet is the king of hairstyles, it’s the best of both worlds. It’s also like having a time machine built into your hair. In honor of this never out of fashion haircut, we decided to list the cream of the crop.

Best mullets in entertainment

Mel Gibson

This Lethal Weapon mullet is probably most recognizable in the movie industry.

Billy Rae Cyrus

American country singer and actor who made this hairstyle memorable.

Best sports mullets

Al Iafrate

American former professional ice hockey defenseman who shot the puck with record speed of 105.2 miles per hour (169.3 km/h).

Al Iafrate's Skullet
Skullet by Al Iafrate
Aurel Panait

Romanian former footballer from Steaua București, played as a defender and midfielder. He’s a legend (of mullets).

Aurel Panait rocked the mullet
Mike Werner

Former professional footballer played as defender for Hansa Rostock in the ’90s. Surely was a rock star of Bundesliga.

Mike Werner - professional footballer who happened to be King of Mullets

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